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Cervical Cancer Vaccination Program in NSW And Who Is Eligible For it

We all know that, every year so many citizens get affected by the cancer disease and to prevent it various initiatives has been taken by the health departments and now we are going to discuss about another initiative which is started by the government of India called Cervical Cancer Vaccination Scheme With the help of this scheme, the government aims to provide vaccination for carnival cancer to the beneficiaries whose age is 9 to 14 years. If you want to learn more detailed information about this scheme and willing to get vaccinated then you have to make a registration, for now check all the details such as benefits, eligibility criteria features, registration process and other details as well.

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Cervical Cancer Vaccination Scheme 2024

The government of India released the scheme at the event of Union Budget and launched the program called Cervical Cancer Vaccination Scheme which is created to reduce the affection of cancer in youth across India. Under this scheme, the government will vaccinate all the citizens whose age is 9 to 14 years so that they can decrease the level of cancer from India. To get vaccinated, candidates have to register themselves under this scheme and get this opportunity. All the reads who are looking forward to apply under this scheme and looking for its detailed information then read this whole article till the end.

Cervical Cancer Vaccination Scheme

Key Highlights of Cervical Cancer Vaccination Scheme

Name of the SchemeCervical Cancer Vaccination Scheme
Launched byGovernment of India
BeneficiariesBeneficiaries of age group of 9 to 14 years.
ObjectiveThe main aim of this scheme is to reduce the level of cancer patients from India and provide them healthy life.
BenefitsUnder this scheme, the government will provide vaccination to all the citizens so that they can get prevention from cancer like diseases.
Registration modeOnline
Official websiteGiven below

RGRHCL Beneficiary status

Objective of Cervical Cancer Vaccination Scheme

The main objective of this scheme is to provide free cervical cancer vaccination to the citizens whose under age 9 to 14 years to prevent them from cancer like diseases. Every year, large number of young and educts face cancer diseases which lead them to death so to prevent and decrease cancer from India the government taken this initiative. there are so many patients who cannot afford money to get medical treatment for this disease so to save them from this the government announced this scheme so those who are looking forward to apply under thus scheme are advised to make a registration through the link given in this article and for detailed information read this article till the end.

Benefits of Cervical Cancer Vaccination Scheme

  • The government of India launched this scheme at the occasion of Union Budget to prevent cancer from India and to provide them health future.
  • With the help of this scheme, citizens no longer have to worry for cancer like diseased all they have to get is this vaccination which will be given to candidates age from 9 to 14 years.
  • Under this scheme, the government will provide HPV vaccination at very lowest prize so candidates don’t have to worry about money.
  • This scheme was created to save beneficiaries from cancer diseases, and with this vaccination they can be saved from it, so apply for it through the link given in this article.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only Indian residents cab avail this beneficial opportunity.
  • This scheme is only available for female beneficiaries of India.
  • Those whose age is between 9 to 14 years are eligible to apply under this scheme.

Required Documents List

  • Aadhar Card.
  • Domicile.
  • Income Certificates
  • Photograph.
  • Category Certificate

Registration Procedure Under Cervical Cancer Vaccination Scheme

  • To get this beneficial opportunity, applicants have to visit their nearest medical collage.
  • There you will get the application form from them.
  • Now you have to fill out all the necessary details on it and attach the documents as well.
  • After this submit the application and ypou will get your cervical cancer vaccination.

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