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Ella d verma Wiki Biography, age, family, Career, marrage & Net Worth

Ella d verma Wiki Bio born on October 3, 2004, in Delhi, is the proud winner of the Transgender Queen 2023 title. Ella, whose original first name is Deva, has achieved this remarkable feat at the age of 19, demonstrating her exceptional talent and beauty. Her journey from childhood to becoming a prominent figure in the social media and entertainment industry is truly inspiring.

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Ella d verma Wiki Biography family plays a significant role in her life. Her father, Vicky, and mother, Varsha, are entrepreneurs who are involved in the hotel and PG business. Growing up in a supportive and loving environment, Ella was encouraged to pursue her dreams and aspirations.

Ella d verma Wiki Biography

Ella d verma Wiki Bio originally named Deva, was born on October 3, 2004, in the vibrant city of Delhi, India. She hails from a loving and supportive family, with her father Vicky and mother Varsha being prominent figures in her life. Her parents are successful entrepreneurs, primarily involved in the hotel and PG (Paying Guest) business. Growing up in such an environment, Ella was nurtured to pursue her dreams and passions. Despite facing unique challenges as a transgender individual, she found strength in her family’s unwavering support, which would later become a crucial part of her journey to success.

Ella D Verma Wiki Biography
Name Ella d verma Wiki Bio
Original name Dev verma
Date of birth 03 October 2004
Age 19
Height5’5″ inch
Weight 56 kg
Father nameVicky verma
Mother name Varsha verma
Siblings No
Occupation »Model, »actress, »social media influencer,»Winner of transgender missqueen of india 2023
Family background They do hospitallity service.

Ella d verma Early life and school

Ella d verma Wiki Bio born on October 3, 2004, is currently 19 years old as of 2023. Her original name was Dev, and from an early age, she displayed characteristics and interests traditionally associated with girls. Unfortunately, her family did not initially support her in embracing her true self. It was her aunt who played a crucial role in caring for her during her formative years. Ella’s aunt owned a beauty parlor, and Ella spent a significant amount of time with her, which influenced her fascination with beauty and femininity.

Ella’s affinity for the name “Ella” came from a character named Rosella in the movie “Island Princess.” She completed her education up to the 12th standard but faced challenges in pursuing higher education.

During her childhood, Ella felt more comfortable identifying with girls. She predominantly socialized with girls, played games with them, and formed close friendships. This pattern continued until the fourth grade when she had more contact with boys in school. Despite the shift, Ella’s preferences remained geared towards activities and interests traditionally associated with girls. This led to some challenges as she faced teasing and ridicule from peers. She was called different names in school, and her behavior and interests were not widely accepted.

As she transitioned into adulthood, Ella’s physical changes began to align more closely with her true self as a woman. However, this transformation was met with mixed reactions from those around her. Her presence among girls in school led to teasing and negative judgments from her peers, and even some teachers joined in the mockery. Ella’s interests continued to veer towards traditionally feminine activities, and she was less inclined to participate in typical boys’ games or sports, preferring activities like skipping. Her physical education teacher was particularly critical of her choices and frequently subjected her to scorn and teasing. Despite these challenges, Ella’s journey towards self-acceptance and her identity as Ella D Verma continued to evolve.

Awkward incident in life

During his school days, Ella D Verma endured significant harassment and bullying from classmates. They subjected her to cruel taunts and used derogatory names to address her, causing immense emotional distress. One particularly traumatic incident occurred when she was playing in the field, and a boy maliciously exposed her genitals in front of others, leading to further humiliation.

Ella’s struggles extended to even the most basic of daily activities, such as using the restroom. She often chose to use a specific toilet room in the school to avoid the harassment that awaited her in the common restrooms. However, her classmates relentlessly followed her, causing disruptions and torment whenever she attempted to use that private facility. Some students went to the extent of breaking the door to the only available toilet room in the school, and when Ella managed to enter, they would forcibly remove the door or engage in other disturbing activities.

To protect herself from this torment, Ella resorted to using her identity card to lock the door when inside the restroom. The hostile environment and daily challenges she faced during her school days caused her significant distress and pain, making those years a difficult and trying period in her life.

 Ella D Verma Marriage

In a recent interview, Ella D Verma candidly expressed her thoughts about her identity as a transgender individual. She emphasized that while she identifies as transgender, all her characteristics align with being female. Ella openly discussed her desire to have a family and get married, similar to many cisgender women. However, she also acknowledged the harsh reality that, despite her aspirations, she faces significant challenges and limitations that can make these dreams seem impossible to attain.

Ella D Verma Biography honest reflection sheds light on the complexities and hurdles that transgender individuals often encounter when it comes to building a family and pursuing traditional family roles. Her willingness to share her experiences and emotions is a testament to her resilience and commitment to raising awareness about the unique challenges faced by the transgender community.

Ella D Verma Social Media Accounts

 All Aunty’s beauty on her face confuses her whether she is a trans tender or a real girl.  She has a large number of followers on Instagram and YouTube and below is her Instagram and YouTube link.



Ella d verma Career

In 2018, during the lockdown, a remarkable transformation unfolded as Ella D Verma embraced her transgender identity. Formerly known as a deva, she emerged as Ella Devi, captivating social media with her authenticity and beauty. Her journey resonated with many, rapidly boosting her followers and establishing her as a sought-after influencer. Ella’s newfound fame led her to opportunities in advertising and modeling for major brands. Her triumph continued as she won the prestigious Miss Transqueen India 2023 title. Despite challenges, including difficulties in amending passport documents for international events like World Transqueen 2023, Ella’s journey remains an inspiring testament to resilience and self-discovery.

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