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PPP Haryana Family ID Download – Parivar Pehchan Patra Family Identification Card

PPP Haryana Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP) Identity Card launched by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar in July 2019, is a family identity card designed to streamline government services for Haryana residents. Each card is assigned a unique 8-digit identification number, including the family head’s details, promoting efficient and paperless transactions. It aims to collect accurate family data, support targeted programs, enhance transparency, and encourage digital governance while maintaining privacy and security. The government has set up registration centers across the state to encourage families to enroll and benefit from

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How To Apply For Parivar Pehchan Patra PPP Haryana Family ID?

To apply for the Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP) Family Identity Card in Haryana, follow these simple steps:

  • Obtain an application form: First, acquire an empty application form for the family identity card. You can find these forms at various locations such as ration shops, tahsildar offices, block development offices, government schools, and gas dealer offices.
  • Gather necessary documents: Ensure you have all the required documents, including proof of identity for all family members and a working mobile number dedicated for family use. A ration card can also be used as a proof of identity when applying.
  • Complete the application form: Carefully fill out all the necessary details on the application form, including information about all family members. Be thorough and avoid errors.
  • Attach documents and photographs: Attach photocopies of the required documents along with the filled application form. Ensure you include the necessary photographs as specified.
  • Submit your application: Submit the application along with the supporting documents to the relevant authority.
  • Application validation: Your application will be reviewed to determine if your family qualifies for the Mera Parivar Pehchan Patra.
  • Receive your family card: If your family is eligible for the Parivar Pehchan Patra, the government of Haryana will provide you with your family identity card, allowing you to access and enjoy their services.

Following these steps will help you apply for and obtain the Parivar Pehchan Patra, facilitating access to government services and benefits for your family in Haryana.

Documents Required To Apply For PPP Family ID Haryana:

  • To register for the Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP) Family Identity Card, you’ll need the following:
  • Identification Proof: As the Parivar Pehchan Patra is a family identity card, you must provide identification cards for all family members or the head of the family. An Aadhar card is sufficient for this purpose. Alternatively, you can use a driving license, voter identity card, PAN card, bank passbook, or passport as proof of identification.
  • Mobile Number: A functional mobile number belonging to a family member is essential for the registration of Parivar Pehchan Patra. This mobile number will be used for further communication and updates related to the family identity card.
  • Ration Card: During the Parivar Pehchan Patra registration process, many people use their ration card as proof to provide essential details about the family. It helps in verifying family information and eligibility.
  • Having these documents and a working mobile number is crucial to successfully register for the Parivar Pehchan Patra, ensuring that your family can access the benefits and services provided by the Haryana government.

Who Can Register For The Mera Parivar Pehchan Patra Family Identity Card?

All families residing in Haryana are eligible to apply for the Parivar Pehchan Patra Family Identity Card. Additionally, even if individuals are not residents of Haryana but wish to access any of the services or schemes offered by the Government of Haryana, they are also encouraged to apply for the Parivar Pehchan Patra Family Identity Card. This card serves as a key means to access government services and benefits, promoting inclusivity and ease of access to various programs provided by the Haryana government.

Benefits Of Having Mera Parivar Pehchan Patra Haryana

  • Birth certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Driving Licence
  • Vehicle registration 
  • Income certificate
  • Domicile certificate
  • Old age Samman allowance
  • Disability pension scheme
  • Widow pension scheme

Where To Enroll For PPP Family ID Card Haryana?

  • Village-level authorities govern common service centres.
  • Antyodaya Saral kendras that state governments govern.
  • Specially appointed operators enrol and take care of other activities of parivar pehchan patra.

How to make family ID

To obtain a Family ID in Haryana, you should start by visiting your local authority office or municipal corporation. Gather the necessary documents, including Aadhaar cards, birth certificates, and photographs of all family members, along with address proof. Obtain the application form, either in person from the local authority office or online if available. Complete the form with accurate details for each family member and attach the required documents. Submit the application pay any applicable fees and inquire about the processing time.

Once processed, you will be notified, and you can collect your Family Identity Card from the same office where you submitted the application. It’s essential to check with your local authority or the official Haryana Government website for specific requirements and procedures in your area.

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