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Tamil Nadu 6000 Rupees Scheme 2024 Apply Online – 5.67 lakh families apply for Rs 6000 Michaung relief in TN

In the aftermath of Cyclone Michaung the Tamil Nadu government led by Chief Minister MK Stalin has launched a compassionate and impactful initiative known as the Tamil Nadu Flood Relief Scheme. This vital program allocates Rs 6,000 per affected family to provide essential support to those who have borne the brunt of the devastating floods. The Tamil Nadu 6000 Rupees Scheme reach is extensive encompassing a diverse range of beneficiaries including families with ration cards government employees and taxpayers who have suffered significant losses in the wake of this natural disaster.

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Tamil Nadu 6000 Rupees Scheme

The meticulously planned distribution process extensive coverage area, and the thoughtful rationale behind cash disbursal exemplify the government’s resolute commitment to providing timely and direct relief to the citizens of Tamil Nadu affected by the devastating floods. This introductory glimpse into the Tamil Nadu 6000 Rupees Scheme underscores its overarching objectives the comprehensive eligibility criteria and the efficient operational mechanisms showcasing the state’s proactive and compassionate approach to disaster management and the welfare of its residents.

Tamil Nadu 6000 Rupees Scheme Eligibility Criteria

  • Ration cardholders residing in the affected areas.
  • Employees of both Central and State governments, Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), and income taxpayers who have suffered a loss of livelihood due to the floods.
  • Special provisions are also in place for sugar cardholders and those whose household items, such as clothing and utensils, have been damaged by the calamity. These measures ensure that a wide range of affected citizens receive the assistance they need during this challenging time.

Disbursal Process

  • Under the Tamil Nadu Flood Relief Scheme each eligible family is entitled to receive a relief amount of Rs 6,000.
  • The disbursal of this assistance is carried out in the form of cash through designated ration shops.
  • For government employees, PSU employees, and income taxpayers, a distinct application process has been established. They are required to furnish their bank account details and evidence of loss using a prescribed form.
  • Upon successful verification of their applications, the relief sum for these specific categories will be directly deposited into their respective bank accounts, ensuring a streamlined and efficient distribution process.

Why Cash Disbursal?

The choice to distribute relief in cash was influenced by certain factors, including the non-functioning of ATMs in certain areas and the loss of ATM cards and bank documents by some individuals affected by the flood. Recognizing that these circumstances could potentially cause delays in providing financial assistance, the decision was made to ensure a more immediate and accessible means of aid to those in need.

Additional Support

The scheme also includes the provision of essential items such as drinking water, food packets, and basic necessities to the affected families.

Timely Relief Distribution

The relief distribution process began by providing tokens to ration cardholders, with the entire operation slated for completion within approximately 10 days. Relief amounts will be distributed at ration shops between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., with a one-hour lunch break.

Cash Disbursal for Expediency

The choice to distribute relief in cash was influenced by the fact that ATMs were not operational in certain areas, and some flood-affected individuals had lost their ATM cards and bank documents. This approach was adopted to prevent potential delays in providing financial assistance.

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