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UP Ganna Parchi Calendar 2023-24 Online Check at Status

The UP Ganna Parchi Calendar is a state government initiative aimed at providing financial support to farmers. Beneficiaries can receive social security and cash benefits through this program. To apply and check the district-wise payment amounts and payment status, individuals can visit the official website at This program is designed to help farmers in Uttar Pradesh achieve greater financial stability.

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UP Ganna Parchi Calendar 2023-24

Agriculture is the mainstay for nearly 70% of India’s population, and it’s crucial for the government to monitor and support agricultural activities in each state. In Uttar Pradesh, a state with a significant agrarian population, sugarcane cultivation is widespread. The UP Ganna Parchi program plays a pivotal role in providing essential support to farmers, given their heavy reliance on agriculture for their livelihoods.

To ensure accountability and track farmers’ output, a systematic and well-regulated approach is essential, as seen in the UP Ganna Parchi initiative. The Uttar Pradesh government has introduced the UP Ganna Parchi Calendar to support farmers in this endeavor. Additionally, they have launched the UP-Cane App, which serves as a tool to facilitate data collection and management for the consumption and production survey. This program and app demonstrate the government’s commitment to assisting farmers in Uttar Pradesh. 2023-24 Calendar

The Uttar Pradesh government has unveiled the UP Ganna Parchi Calendar, which provides valuable information for farmers. Through the Sugarcane Slip Calendar, farmers can access details on sugarcane availability, as well as data related to sugar mills, service slips, toll payments, and growth-related issues. This system empowers beneficiaries to access this information conveniently without the need to contact government agencies, streamlining the process for farmers.

StateUttar Pradesh
SchemeGanna Parchi Calendar
Launched byGovernment of Uttar Pradesh
BeneficiaryCitizens of UP
ObjectiveTo provide the facility of checking Ganna Supply
Official Website

This online system will be accessible via the internet, offering transparency, cost-efficiency, and time savings. The Sugarcane Parchi Portal enables state farmers to market their sugarcane efficiently, with the added benefit of curbing black marketing. In addition to promoting transparency, this technology will streamline processes, ultimately saving both time and money for all stakeholders involved.

How to Apply For UP Ganna Parchi? 

  • Farmers need to register themselves with a local cooperative or a private sugar mill.
  • Once registered, farmers will receive a supply notification specifying the date, time, and location to deliver their sugarcane to the mill.
  • At the designated time, the sugarcane is weighed, and samples are taken to assess quality and variety.
  • After weighing and sampling, the mill issues a Ganna Parchi to the farmer, which includes details of quantity, quality, and variety.
  • The farmer receives payment based on the information in the Ganna Parchi, ensuring fair compensation for their sugarcane. This process helps ensure transparency and fair practices in the sugarcane supply chain.

UP Ganna Parchi Calendar Online Status Check 

  • you have go to the official website of the
  • a new page open in front of you.
  • After completing the captcha, click UP Ganna Parchi’s status.
  • After that, in order to get the information listed below, you will need to accurately complete the following details:
    • Select the district
    • choose Factory in the drop-down menu
    • Search by Code Village
    • Grower
  • Choose and input the following using the drop-down option that appears.
  • Next, choose UP Ganna Parchi’s status.

Objective Of UP Ganna Parchi Calendar 2023

  • The main objective of the UP Ganna Parchi Calendar 2023 is to offer farmers vital information regarding sugarcane availability.
  • this data readily accessible online, farmers are relieved of the need to visit government agencies for supply-related information.
  • This approach not only ensures transparency in the system but also results in significant time and cost savings for farmers.

UP Ganna Parchi Calendar Benefits & Features

  • The Uttar Pradesh government has introduced the Sugarcane Slip Calendar.
  • State farmers will have access to information on cane mills.
  • The state’s farmers will no longer need to go far to get information on the availability of sugarcane.
  • These specifics will be accessible over the internet.
  • This procedure will guarantee system transparency while saving time and money.
  • The system will be clear via the use of the sugarcane slip calendar.
  • The farmer’s cell phone will get immediate notifications on the Ganna Parchi.
  • This platform is expected to serve around 50 lakh farmers.
  • You may get the Ganna Parchi App from the Google Play Store.

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